Kitchen - Day 5

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Today, our first real hiccup: the tiles haven't arrived. They should be here on Monday, but the tiler is going on holidays for a week. So the earliest we can get the tiles laid is Tuesday week (incidentally, I'll be in Brisbane for that week, so the lovely Dermott Banana will have to project manage that!). Never mind, we got the benchtops in, and they look OMGAWESOME:

Want a closer look?

The old lights have finally been replaced by new oyster lights, and the dimmer in the loungerrom now works properly:

We also got the sparky to install safety switches in our aging fusebox, and fixed the smoke detector, so we're extra-safe now! (Does that mean I can daisy-chain a few more powerboards for my computer equipment? Maybe?)

We also got the sink connected, and the leveller for the tiles laid:

After the leveller was down, it was no-go in the kitchen for 24 hours. On Monday, with any luck our tiles will arrive, and the plumber will come back to connect the cooktop to the gas.

Photos are all in my Picasa album if you want a closer look at anything.

And, just because this amuses me greatly:


Anonymous said...

Awesome, love the before and after shot, it amuses me too

Loquacity said...

Hi Janelle, it's pretty awesome, huh? Thanks for dropping by :)


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