Kitchen - Day 1

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Well, today my kitchen started out looking like this:

And ended up looking like this:

On the way, it went through various states, including this:


And this:

So where did it all go?


And here:

And good riddance to it too!

For the full collection of photos, check out my Picasa album. I'll keep updating it and the blog as things progress.

Tomorrow, the sparky and plumber 'rough in' (I think that is tradie-speak for 'have a look to see what we need to do later on when we get around to it'), and the new kitchen gets delivered. Oh, and they're bringing the jackhammers, to level the floor. Same bat channel!


jude said...

Yay!! How exciting. Husband laughed when he saw pics, identical to ours. My they achieved a lot, considering they were late! Looking forward to updates.

Loquacity said...

Yes, they certainly didn't muck around once they finally arrived. Who knows what'll happen tomorrow!


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