Kitchen - Day 3

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By lunchtime, the tiles were finally up, and the concrete dust covering absolutely everything was starting to settle:

I have a sink:

But, perhaps most exciting, I have a dishwasher!

The cabinets that have been stored in my dining room all week, are now starting to shift into place:

Although there are still bits of cabinetry stored just about everywhere. This is my hallway:

Tomorrow, the cabinets should be finished, and the two archways removed. Sally forth!


jude said...

Yes, the archways...snap again. Gotta go. That will make a huge difference. Enjoying watching the progress.

Loquacity said...

Ah, yes, the archways! They changed this place around in the late '70s to give it a more open-plan living area. And then closed it in with arches :|

So one of them has already had the gyprock torn off, and the other one is going today. I just uploaded pics:

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