Slight setback

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For those of you who are reading along (and my stats would indicate that there is more of you than I ever expected!) I would like to offer my apologies for the short break in transmission. I had a lovely birthday on Thursday - an afternoon of shopping followed by dinner with friends and family at my all time favourite restaurant. Unfortunately, the next morning saw me awake with possibly the worst flu I have had in years (and no it wasn't the normal sort of 'flu' you would expect to get after a few glasses of wine!). Anyway, it has conspired to mean that my word count, which was just keeping up with my daily goals, has now slumped to an all time low. I am now about 8000 words behind where I need to be.

Anyhow, I'm on the mend now, and can stare at the computer for longer than a few minutes before my head threatens to explode (or having to blow my nose - does anyone have any idea how hard to is to maintain a train of thought when you have to blow your nose every five seconds?) so instead of blogging - the Great Procrastinator(TM) - I am going to get to NaNoing.

To all those other NaNoers out there - may you be blessed with good health and voluminous word counts!

Set to!


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