They're genderising what now?

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I went to Woolworth's on the weekend. Not exactly blog material, I know, but what I saw there was. I didn't snap a picture (left my phone in the car, bummer!) but I'll try and get one up shortly. It seems as though we don't have quite enough gendered food to offer our children these days, so Allen's (owned by Nestle) have stepped into the gap we didn't know we had ... "Boy's Adventure Mix" and "Girl's Enchanted Mix" bags of lollies. Ummm. What?

I didn't get a good look at the type of lollies in each bag, but the names on their own are disgusting. Do boys not like wizards and dragons? Can girls not have adventures (aside from the enchanted kind, I guess)? And what would happen if - shock! - my little girl ate a lolly from the boy bag? Would she be scarred for life? Do Allen's provide a phone number hotline for these types of gender emergencies?

Dear Allens,
Grow up.
No love,

Updated 14 September with pic


Fiona said...


I've been browing baby clothes in a hunt for some neutrally genrdered stuff for my nephew that's due today. Difficult! Even the face washers are "girls" "boys" or yellow. heh. I got a few little onsies from Threadless which are netral (ie not blue or pink and not girly or boy-ie) It seems zoo animals are gender neutral, while robots and gardens generally are not.

Loquacity said...

I hear you Fiona. It's extremely difficult to go gender-neutral in just about anything kid related. I do a lot of 'debriefing' of my five year old. When we see something that is gender-stereotyped I'll make comments about "gee, that's a bit silly. Boys/Girls can do [x] too, can't they?". What's satisfying is when she starts doing it unprompted ;)

Best of luck with the hunt for clothes etc, and thanks for leaving a comment :)


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