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Pixar has a new movie out (warning: horrible flash site with sound) in a couple of weeks. Naturally, T is itching to see it. It even sounds like a decent story. The main character ties a whole heap of helium balloons to his house, to embark on a long-wished-for holiday. The climax is seemingly built around a somewhat irritating small child. The main thing I noticed, though, like a scratch that you can't quite itch, is the lack of female characters. Again.

Why, Pixar? At least a few of the others have had female sidekicks. Up lacks even that, from what I can see. Of course, I'll take T along to see it, as I have done with the others. She'll love it, of course, and want a copy on DVD. But what message will she bring home? How much debriefing will I need to offer this time?

Of course, Pixar isn't alone. The last one to really get my goat was Horton Hears a Who. I loved the basic premise of this book, but the Mayor's 96 daughters (all caught up, appropriately for their gender, in issues such as homework and hairbrushes) and the one son, who - quite naturally - saves the day. I'm sure at least one of those 96 daughters could have been a strong character, but we never got to hear about them.

And yes, I know Coraline's out. I'm personally quite excited about it. But I'm afraid it's too scary for my daughter's often quite fragile constitution. I might have to go see it myself, and pass judgement then.

When are going to see a genuine kid's movie, with all of Pixar's charm and humour, but with a female in the driver's seat? It's not that much to ask, is it? After all, over half of our children are girls. Give them something to watch, and love, but also give them something to aspire to.


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