Renovations. Step 1: Planning

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We got the building report for the new house the other day. The main points were the floors:

the kitchen:

and the front fence:

All of which were already on the plan (for reasons that should become obvious with those pictures!).

To that end, I've been hanging out on the Renovation Forum, where I happened to meet a guy who polishes floorboards for a living (he's also a Linux user, which makes him good people in my book). Anyway, he's been awesome with information, and I've decided that we'll rip the old carpet up and get him to polish the floorboards for us before we move in. Will be easier than doing it later, I suspect.

The kitchen, however, is another matter entirely. It's going to take a lot more money, for starters, so there's a very good possibility that it's going to take a year or so before I'm financial enough. So, what to do in the meantime? I'm considering doing a cheap-arse coverup of the orange laminate. Not sure I can cope with that for much more than a few days. Does anyone know about these things?

And the fence? Well, it just so happens that my Dad knows someone with a backhoe ... this is gonna be fun!


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