Fedora 11 arrives in a flurry of not-that-amazing praise

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Well, Fedora 11 is finally here. And the first reports are out. And they are ... well ... less than glowing. Here's arstechnica:

The developers behind the popular Fedora Linux distribution announced this week the official release of version 11, codenamed Leonidas. This release introduces some significant new features but it also comes with some unfortunate bugs, particularly in the installer.

It seems that the new ext4 filesystem is causing some serious issues, which is disappointing, given the hype around it. There's also partitioning problems. A lot of partitioning problems. *sigh*

I was intending to install F11 on my work machine, in order to get my screen setup the way I want (unfortunately RHEL won't cut it until RHEL6, and I wasn't prepared to wait that long). I might sit it out for a little longer yet, and see what happens with Fedora. A patch or two in the future and with any luck it'll all come good.

Hang in there with me!


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