ANZAC Day (or "Why I Bugle")

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Many of you already know that I am bugling for the ANZAC day services in Braidwood this year. I'm sure most of you also know that I am morally opposed to war and in no way condone its glorification. That said, I'd like to explain why I do this:

Despite the many elements of the traditional ANZAC day service that glorify war and the 'ultimate sacrifice', the bugle is played specifically to mourn for those who died. I grieve for the men and women who have died during war, even while I don't understand, respect, or condone the reasons why they were there. The men and women who died in service died because they had no choice but to follow orders from the government, the armed forces, their superiors. A change is required in the way war victims are honoured, but in the meantime, I will show my respect in this way.

On a different but related topic, I have been to a few events in the past few months and been extraordinarily pleased to notice the increasing use of "we recognise the original owners of this land" at the beginning of the event. This ANZAC day I'd like to remind you all to think about not just the white Australians (and all the members of other nationalities) that have died during war, but to remember the original owners of this land who died in other, non-glorified, and unremembered battles. Those victims were not under order, but were fighting for their freedom, their land, their traditions, for everything that they had. They should be recognised and remembered. When you hear the Last Post being played on Saturday, please think of them. I will be as I play.


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