Second Girl Geek Dinner

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I'm lucky enough to be welcoming Ruth Ellison at the second Girl Geek Dinner, which is going to be held this Saturday at Indian Affair in Phillip. I had a good chat to Ruth at the inaugural dinner, and found her to be absolutely fascinating. Can't wait to hear what she has to say. If you're interested in coming along, you need to hop along to the GGD blog and RSVP.

As an aside, yes, the pictures on my blog are screwed up and throwing errors. It's a problem with the template (the pictures are hosted on Photobucket). I'll be grabbing the pics and hosting them myself as soon I find two seconds to jump in and grab them all. In the meantime, please bear with me!


Granny said...

Looks great, L! Glad you got it fixed!

: )

Loquacity said...

It wasn't anything I did! I was in the process of fixing it, but it seems to have come good of its own accord. I think I'll go ahead with the change anyway, though, just so it doesn't happen again.


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