Speaking from the High Ground

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There's been talk in the past week or so about an open source jobs boom. It's all based on an O'Reilly report (which has already had it's veracity questioned, I might add).

Whether the report is faulty or not (and, quite frankly, I'm not quite convinced by the weak argument presented by Savio Rodrigues in the link above) it's an interesting thought. Linux has long been a standard on the server, and while I don't think that it's going to be making much of an impact on the desktop any time soon - especially since the major vendors have already stated a lack of intent - I do wonder how the server market has changed over time. I'm not deep enough in the area to be able to judge, but it would be interesting to see some really specific stats on proprietary vs open source server software. Not just the operating system though - I mean the other stuff - email exchange, database management and web servers for example.

Is there a shift occurring in the server rooms? It seems somewhat logical that there would be - economic pressure is increasing worldwide, surely that would be reflected in the IT departments also? Most organisations would be tightening the purse strings in every department possible before resorting to layoffs. Add to that the fact that things like Sendmail and MySQL are hardly in beta anymore and surely the added attraction of FREE (as in beer) would be driving installs?

If anyone comes across some stats - I'd be fascinated to know.

Oh, and because this post is all about the server room ... Happy (belated) Sysadmin day!


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