Let it Snow

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It snowed at the cottage today. I was most excited. It wasn't much, and it didn't settle, but it has gone some way to restoring my hope in skiing this year, despite the failed trip to Thredbo last month. It did make me wonder, what is it about snow that invokes such a whimsy in us humans? We associate it with freshness, cleanness, a new start, virginity and purity. Why don't we associate it with cold, and pain inflicted by the enforced meeting of flesh and hard, hidden objects? Certainly, most of my experiences with snow have involved more lugging heavy things, wearing too many clothes, freezing noses and ears, and just pain in general, both from skiing itself as well as collisions.

OK, I admit it. I'm nuts.

But I'm still going skiing.

And soon.

Anyone wanna come with me?

In case you're interested, you can see the Thredbo snow cams here, get the snow report here, and book your trip here. I know I will be very shortly ;-)


Laura said...

I'm in Ontario. We would have been pretty freaked out if it snowed now. It was a very heavy winter, for snow. Everyone was glad to see it melt away this spring.

Loquacity said...

Hi Laura,

I was in MA in March, and the snow falls were pretty good then, although everyone was talking about the coming Spring, and how relieved they were that it was finally here. It was very strange to get on the plane in the snow and cold, and get off again in Canberra in the sunshine, though!

Thanks for stopping by.


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