Computer Engineer Barbie

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Early last year, I wrote this blog post about Computer Engineer Barbie. It took me a little while to get the logistics sorted, but with a little help from an expat friend in the US, two of the dolls arrived on my doorstep yesterday. One to keep in the box, and one to play with. Because I got swamped with questions when I announced their arrival on Twitter, I thought I'd photograph the unboxing for you all:

First, we had to break through the sticky tape:

Ah, just tear it!

And then there was another layer of tape:

This lot called for scissors:

The accessories are out!

The pink laptop, which resembles a Macbook Air, with a Dell trackpad, clearly running a hand-rolled, customised Linux variant:

The smart phone, which is obviously an Android device:

And a bag, to keep it all in:

One more bit of tape:

And she's out!

She has cool glasses (that very closely resemble a gold pair I owned for years), and a seriously awesome bluetooth headset:

And a digital watch (in case you're wondering, it's 10:59):

She has sensible shoes:

And her sensible shoes fit surprisingly well on her mangled feet:

And the best bit? She has a Tux plushie!

Time to sit down, kick off the shoes, and check the messages:


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