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pamelafox said...

My first Java applet was an app where you could dress my bootylicious friend up in various outfits, similar to how I used to dress up my barbies (and dinosaurs) in outfits.
I saw at an early age that I could use programming to be creative, and thus I pursued it.

I've realized since that engineers are considered to be "problem-solvers", so I am probably less an engineer and more an artist.

So, there are two issues:
- The girls that enjoy problem-solving are not given ways to discover that enjoyment.
- The girls that enjoy creativity are not shown that there are ways to be creative via technology.

Most people focus on the first.. but I reckon we could do with a few more dress-up applets in the world. :)

Loquacity said...

That's interesting, actually. Some of my daughter's favourite games on my Android are the dress-up ones. I guess it's a matter of showing them that technology can be used for all sorts of things, regardless of what you're interested in.


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