Where's the fiction gone?

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In order to protect my own sanity, and in light of the increased traffic to my site, I've decided to move my fiction offshore. I'm just moving the current NaNoWriMo off for now, but I'll be moving the rest (NaNo of past years and short fiction of all varieties) off as soon as I find two seconds.

The best part is that in the process, I'm organising them a little better, so it should be easier for you to find where you're up to, and then continue on from where you left off with a minimum of fuss.

The worst part is that - for November at least - I'm locking the site down. It's easy to get a password though, just send me an email or DM and let me know who you are, then I can grant you access. During November, I'm more or less glued to my computer anyway, so you should be more or less straight in to the good stuff once you've sent me an email.

The new site is http://lanabrindley-fiction.blogspot.com

Apologies again for the continuing interruptions to the novelling. Hopefully this will help to alleviate that problem.

Enjoy! And please remember to let me know what you think about the fiction. I'm a writer, so a little positive reinforcement is a great way to get me to write more :)


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