The answer to the kitchen question

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I've been wondering what to do about the kitchen in the new place in the short term, but the answer has hunted me down, it seems. I was thinking that if I can just change the colour of the benchtops somehow, it would make me a lot happier. My first idea was to buy new laminate, and somehow glue it on top of the orange stuff, but after some investigation, it seems a lot more difficult, expensive, and time consuming than I was willing to deal with. Especially considering the kitchen will be entirely replaced within a matter of months (funds permitting!). Anyway, the renovation forums - combined with a touch of Google-fu - have come to my aid again, and the answer lies in this: paint!

White Knight Paints do a beasty called a "laminate paint", which is designed especially for - you guessed it - painting laminate! The beauty of it all is that you don't need to pull the sink and the stove and everything out to do it, you can just mask them off. And the really cool bit about this whole adventure? My brother is a spray painter ... wheeee!


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