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A couple of things have happened recently, all more or less related. Firstly, for anyone who remembers the Sheep Post, you might be interested to know that they have been shipped (sheeped?) off to stay out at my parents' place. Mum and Dad have about an acre and half and much better fencing than us, which means they can roam and munch to their little hearts' content without needing to be tethered. The other interesting story about the sheep is that a few days before they were due to be moved, we noticed something odd about Pixie - she's fat. And no, I don't just mean "I ate too much good grass"-type fat. I mean "I think I might be having little lambies"-type fat. I guess only time will tell. Mum and Dad seem reluctant to slaughter them, and have instead decided to breed off them and slaughter the offspring. Well, T will be happy anyway, and I guess I'll have to put away my carving knife for a little while longer. I wonder if mint sauce freezes well ...

Which brings me to the second piece of news. We're on the move again, which explains why the sheep have been shipped (why does the idea of shipped sheep make me giggle so much?). The Cottage has served us well for a year now, and we recently spotted this little gem online. We jumped in and grabbed it and we're moving four days before Christmas. Yes, I know, spectacularly bad timing, but you know what they say, strike while the iron is hot! In case you're wondering, it's a converted convent, complete with chapel (soon to become my new office), and housed the Brown Josephites order of nuns (that's the order started by the Blessed Mary McKillop) in between 1891 and 1975. It's privately owned now, and has been split virtually right down the middle into two dwellings, with the owner living in the other side. I'm hoping to be able to get some good pictures of the place - light streaming through stained glass and the like.


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