Farewell, "Why Me"; I hardly knew thee

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Just a short note to let those who care know that I am ditching "Why Me?" (otherwise known as the "stolen identity story"). It's not because I don't like the story, or that I think it's not worthwhile. I believe it is a good story, and I have plans to resurrect it yet. The main problem is that the vehicle isn't quite right. The story has come to a sluggish halt quite early on in the piece and that in itself bothers me. I can see where it's heading, I just can't work out how to get the characters there. So I'm going to let it stew for a little while ... turn the temperature down, forget about it for a while.

I may have told some of you of an idea I had whilst singing in church a few months ago. That's all I'm going to say right now, as the idea is still in it's formative stages, and I'm not entirely certain where it's going to go yet. This story feels a little like "Stopping All Stations" to me, which is perhaps a good thing. I know the general feel of it, I know a few of the characters, and I know how they will intertwine. I'm not sure of the ending yet.

Perhaps that is the critical difference between this new one and "Why Me?". I knew where "Why Me?" ended, but not how the middle was going to happen. Both "Stopping All Stations" and the new idea have a beginning and a middle - and a squishy ending that is ready to be moulded to suit.

I think I'm going to enjoy this one :)


Aurelius said...

Perhaps, like a fine wine, Why Me? needs time to ferment?

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