7 Days and 9273 words to go

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I've just ticked over 40,000 words (give or take a few!) and the story really does have the beginnings of an ending now. All the loose ends are coming together nicely, and, although there is still a little confusion over whodunnit, the list of possible suspects has started to narrow significantly. My characters don't seem to have ceased their rather annoying habits of doing their own thing, and I can tell you that we have lost another character or two in the final chapters as angst and frustrations get worked out. And despite the people I have throwing themselves at my feet begging for just one more chapter, well I have my standards, and I am a woman of my word. No more chapters until it's done! And then I *promise* (pinky promise, even!) that you can have the rest in one eyeball melting, nausea inducing, mind boggling hit.

To those detractors who think that I'm cheating on my word count (Not mentioning any names that begin with S and end in, er, usan), you'll get your comeupance at midnight on 30 November.

Happy NaNo-ing :D


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